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Packaging aluminum foil

Packaging aluminum foil is moisture-proof, airtight, light-shading, anti-correction, aroma-reserved, non-toxic, and other characteristics. What’s more, aluminum packaging foil has gentle silver bright color and can be printed different patens. So aluminum packaging foil is pretty popular among people. However, Mingtai Al. can only provide plain aluminum foil without printing. But coating colors is within our capacity. In addition, film and paper is also available at customers’ need.

In the later processing, packaging aluminum foil has pretty good stability, especially combined with aluminum foil and paper. This combines the strength and shielding property of aluminum foil and paper. So it improves the shielding effect to air, water, bacteria, ultraviolet, etc. Thus, the market of aluminum packaging foil is broadened. Goods that are packaged by aluminum foil, so it is completely separated from other elements (air, water, etc.). Therefore, the goods can be protected completely. Generally speaking, aluminum packaging foil can keep food from rust for at least 2 years, especially for boiling food. Besides, aluminum packaging foil is both convenient for heating and taking with.

Packaging aluminum foil can be divided into several kinds, including food packaging foil, pharmaceutical packaging foil, household foil and so on and so forth. Among them, pharmaceutical aluminum foil also includes aluminum foil for medicine, pharmaceutical PPT aluminum foil, printing aluminum foil, etc. As a large scale company, haomei aluminium foil can manufacture all these packaging aluminum foil, especially 8011-H18 packaging foil and 8021-O packaging foil are typical kinds for packaging aluminum foil.

Product Range

Alloy Temper Thickness, мм Width, мм Coil ID
1235 8011 О 0.008~0.025mm 100~1220mm 75, 150

Chemical Composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Other Al
1235 Si+ Fe<0.65 <0.05 <0.05 <0.05 <0.01 <0.06 Each  0.03 >99.35
8011 0.50-0.9 0.6-1.0 <0.10 <0.20 <0.05 <0.05 <0.01 <0.08 Each 0.05,Total 0.15 basis