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1060 aluminum diamond plate

The general tread aluminum alloy plate: 1060 aluminum plate for the plate from the processing of aluminum diamond plate, able to adapt to the normal environment, low prices. Usually cold storage, flooring, packaging and more use of this pattern aluminum sheet.

Haomei Aluminum production 1060 anti-skid aluminum diamond plate , diamond aluminium tread plate, three bars aluminum checker plate, five bars of non-slip aluminum, for ships, cars, elevators, ice storage, walkways, etc., large specifications can be customized special specifications; anti-skid aluminum and pattern aluminum, the current domestic commonly used Of the anti-skid aluminum plate, including five ribs series (willow pattern) and the pointer series, in particular the five ribs aluminum pattern is currently widely used in work platforms, cars, bilge ships, cold storage, anti-skid aspects of the workshop. At present, the choice of anti-skid aluminum is usually: cold storage, cars, ships bilge anti-skid aluminum plate is usually 1060-H24 3.0mm thickness, the series of aluminum does not need to hang, do not load. So do not need to choose high thickness, high hardness of the anti-slip aluminum.

Sizes range for aluminum diamond plate

Alloy Temper Size range (mm)
Thickness Width Length
1060 H24 1.5-3.0mm 800-1500 1000-6000

The application of 1060 aluminum diamond plate:

Cold storage, flooring, workshop floors, tread board, stair tread, packaging, Ship deck, construction, the anti-skid floor for vehicle and more.

Haomei aluminum diamond plate a variety of aluminum alloy diamond plate grades and sizes tailored to your needs and specifications.