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aluminum checker plate

aluminum checker plate also known as aluminum tread plate or aluminum skid-proof plate, is a type of lightweight metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side.
aluminum checker plate is widely used in decorative, shipbuilding and architectural applications. Having good forming, drilling and welding ability, aluminum checker plate is easy to fabricate and its raised diamond lug pattern provides good slip resistance.

aluminum checker plate, have good anti-skid function, good looks, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In general, the use of the side of the mechanical properties of the plate, the mechanical performance is not high, so the quality of pattern plate mainly for flower pattern flower rate, pattern height, pattern height difference. Commonly used in the market thickness ranging from 2.0-8mm, the width of the common 1250,1500mm and more.
aluminum checker plate structure novel, non-slip effect. Light weight, excellent durability. The quality of about 7kg per square meter, the tensile strength of 200N per square millimeter, aluminum extension of high relative elongation higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking, good tough

Sizes range for aluminum checker plate

Alloy Temper Size range (mm)
Thickness Width Length
1.5-2.4 800-1500 1000-6000
2.0-6.0 800-1500 1000-8000
F, H114 1.5-2.0
900-1600 1000-4000
2.0-8.0 900-2000 1000-9000
H114, H224 1.5-2.4 800-1500 1000-6000
2.4-6.0 800-1500 1000-8000
F, H114,H224 1.5-2.0 900-1600 700-4000
2.0-7.0 900-2000 1000-9000
F, H114 7.0-8.0 900-2000 1000-9000
5154A F, H114 2.0-6.0 900-1600 1000-9000
5086,5083 F, H114,
H224, H116
2.0-6.0 900-1600 1000-9000
F, 0, T4, T6 1.5-2.0 900-1250 700-4000
2.0-3.5 900-1600 1000-4000
F, 0 2.0-3.5 1600-2000 1000-4000
F, 0, T4, T6 3.5-4.83 900-1250 1000-4000
3.5-4.83 1250-2000 1000-4000
F, 0 4.83-6.35 900-2000 1000-4000
3003 H224 1.5-2.0 800-1524 1000-4000
2.0-2.4 800-1524 1000-6000
2.4-6.35 800-1524 1000-8000

Aluminum checker plate specific applications

Characteristics and benefits: light weight transport sector is required, the best comer of an aluminum alloy step. Increase the energy-saving effect.
Applications: checker plate floor, such as van-type vehicle catwalk flooring, wood step of the bus or truck, train inspection hole lid, tank car, the car cold storage.
Characteristics and benefits: because the excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, requires no resistance such as repainting. It can be used with confidence for many years.
Applications: corridor and bridges over the lid and floors, stairs, cabin deck, fish tank, gangway to the floating dock. Architecture
Characteristics and benefits: corrosion resistance of the step corner has been utilized shopping and tourist attractions that require aesthetics, such as collective for many years.
Applications: floors, stairs, shelves, such as gutter lid, the bicycle.
Characteristics and benefits: harmless because it is also suitable for container species, such as facilities and chemical plants and food plant is excellent in chemical resistance.
Applications: bench floor and stairs, equipment/ plant machinery, such as ambulatory inspection.
Characteristics and benefits: because it has many excellent characteristics. Not only as a materials step, has also been used in the case and ornaments.
Applications: such as a deck ladder, ladder, showcase, temporary scaffolding, the structure of marine.

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