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polished aluminium sheet

polished aluminium sheet is widely applied in illumination reflection plate & illumination decoration, lighting reflection material used in Solar thermal collector, building internal decoration, external wall decoration, household application panel, external cover of electronic products, furniture &kitchen, automobile internal and external decoration, sign plate, suitcase, jewelry case and other fields.

Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet

ALLOY No. Thickness  
A1050,A1060, A1070,A1100 1.0-10 20-2200 20-8000 H12,H22,H14,H16,H18, H24,H26,etc
3A21,A3003,A3105,A3004 1.0-10 20-2200 20-8000 H14,H18,H24,etc
A5052 ,A5005,A5083,A5754 1.0-10 20-2200 20-8000 H18,H24,H32,H34,H111,H112 ,etc
A6061,A6082,A6063 1.0-10 20-2200 20-8000 T4,T6,,etc
A8011 1.0-10 20-2200 20-8000 H12,H22,H14,H16,H18,H24,H26, etc

Polished mirror embossed aluminum sheet







H14,H16,H18, H24,H26



Under 6000mm or  in Coil

The most advantage for haomei mirror polished aluminum sheet for wall material, such as the building exterior curtain walls/renovations for old building, the mirror polished aluminum sheet for shop door decorations, advertisement board display platforms and signboards, or wallboards and ceiling for tunnels, or industrial materials.

Production process:

Frond side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with fluro—carbon resin (PVDF) or polyester resin (PE) roasting painting
Back side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting (PE)
Surface coating thickness: 0.03mm
Surface process: Polishing, Glossy, Anodized, Plain, or Embossed.
The purity of aluminum is the main effect of mirror surfaces.haomei Aluminum selection of the 1080 (99.80%)high-purity aluminum, to ensure the mirror reflective rate of 85% or more, with resolutions up to 94% .
mirror polished aluminum sheet must have a good and easy formability, mirror polished aluminum sheet of the haomei Aluminum production are suitable for semi-hard state of bending to ensure that the user post-molding process.
The flatness of the mirror surface aluminum also affect the imaging of the important reasons, haomei Aluminum purchased Tension Leveler from German, the aluminum surface roughness close to 100%.

mirror polished aluminum sheet Advanced Features

Top-grade quality, refined and luxurious outlook, sparkling surface.
Greatly reduce the surface treatment process, improve conformity rate, thus effectively reduce cost.
Lower proportion, only 1/3 of stainless steel.
Environmental, toxic- free, fire prevention.
Anti-interference, electromagnetic wave shielding, and excellent heat dissipation performance.
Easy to clean, anti-statically, resist finger print.
Able to be molded and bent part is broken-free.
Availability & Customizing:

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